Thursday, 11 June 2009

If you aint got anything to blog about....

Then don't blog at all...

These are the words that have been pumping through my head every time i graced onto my pitiful blog page. Now, now its once again been a while since i last blogged on here, but i thought it was due time for another Craig spurt.

So my 2nd year at University has officially ended and i am now currently far away, safe and sound, locked in my bed room at home in Crewe. And how do i feel??

Well.... Looking back on my 2nd year at uni it was a very pick n mix bag of emotions on my behalf. At the start of the year i was flying high, eager feeling fresh and ready for my course to begin. I was excited to what projects we would be given this year, as i have to say 1st years projects were a load of horse shit. But yeah i have to say the projects this year were a 100 times better but also a whole different league of difficulty. Overall i feel i worked very hard through out the entire year. Granted i could of put a whole lot more effort in, but hey that's something to work towards for next year right?? Anyway, i am happy to say i got through it all with out too much crying and bitching on my behalf....... Well.. Maybe a little haha.
But seriously though, after looking back on some of the work i have produced this year, i am very proud of what i have achieved.

As for this summer! I have BIG BIG plans and i am very very very very very very excited about what i am currently working on.
I wont speak to much about it just yet, as i want to save it for a time when i have something a bit more "tangible" to show/talk about.
So fret not, i will share with you all in due time. (Most of you reading this probably already know what i am on about anyway)

As for now... This "project" i am currently working on is what i need right now, more then anything!

Until we next speak blogger...................... SEEYA!!



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