Friday, 14 November 2008

Corporate Logo Design

Here are the designs for my latest university project. We were each given a celebrity and a company, we then had to discover the values of our selected celebrity and then apply them to our select company and create a Corporate identity and a set of Stationary to go along with it. My chosen celebrity was Alaskan Governor Sara Palin and the company i had to apply her values were an Alternative Energy company.
After studying Sara for some time and seeing that she has so many values worth exploiting, i decided to play on the idea of Sara Palin having a dark side. So with this in mind i decided to make my company an alternative "nuclear" power company that has a caring motherly logo but also has a very industrial dark driven aspect to it all (hens the choice of color i went for). Anywho here are my designs, i hope you enjoy them:

Business Card Front

Business Card Rear

Compliments slip

Letter Head

I was rather pleased with the outcome of this project and i put a hell of a lot of effort into my corporate guidelines that can been seen below. These next few pages basically explain what you can and cant do with my corporate identity.

My lecturers who were grading this diddnt seem that enthusiastic about my deigns, but they were please with how much passion and effort i had put into it. And In the end the feedback they gave me will really help me in the future. Because that's wonderful thing about learning, you never, ever will stop.

Even though i found this brief to be rather challenging, i am still extremely pleased with the work i produced, and in doing so i have learned a great deal.


Il be updating this blog much more from now on :) ............Promise

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