Friday, 21 November 2008

Somebodys Going To Miss Us

This doesn't really have anything to do with design at all, but its something that plagues me everyday while I'm here at university.
Lets face it, we all have our bad days, but just recently i have been constantly finding myself upset and a bit lost and really rather frustrated with everyone and everything around me (apart from my wonderful friends, who i might add mean the world to me).
And its all because i left one of the biggest (and to me most important) pieces of my life behind when i set sail for the university. I know this sounds rather homosexual but my band was one of the things i actually loved to pieces, and when i use the term "loved" i actually really truly mean loved with every inch of my ever pumping heart! I wish that there was someway i could explain it, but i honestly cant pluck the words out of my mind, it's just something that feels so right when i do it.
I always looked back thinking i diddnt really achieve much with my band, But when i actually scratched beyond the surface we in fact achieved so so so much in such a short space of time. And with that came attached hundreds and hundreds of wonderful memories that i could honestly talk about for years to come and bore the crap out of everyone.

I know most of you reading this wont understand or even particularly care what i have to say, but creating music is something i loved to do, and i was so lucky to be able to do it with the most wonderful people you could think of. And not a day go's by while I'm here when i don't constantly beat myself up inside for ruining everything for my fellow band members and heading up here to Carlisle.

The excitement of waiting for everyone to turn up to band practice, the sense of butterfly's in my stomach when Rob strung a certain chord, the sound of my bass coming out of my amp when thrashing the crap out of it, that feeling of passion when everything all gelled together perfectly when the drums kicked in.....i cant even comprehend how much i miss these feelings and how much it truly meant to me. And the worse thing was we diddnt really ever sound that good, but i diddnt care, all that mattered to me was I am finally doing something i am proud of!

"what this is to me
is more than words could mean
i guess dreams do come true
this song itself is living proof

The Starting Line - Given The Chance


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"everything and everyone"!!!! i hate you!

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