Friday, 12 December 2008

Event Promotion

I know its once again taken me a while to update this awful blog but i have had a number of problems with my browser constantly crashing when i attempt to log into my blog.
Any who enough of the boring shizzle, below is my latest completed university project. For this brief we were asked to choose from a list of events that have some what of a "geeky" image to them and design an event poster and associated marketing material to go with it all. I decided to choose The Knitting and Stitching Show event as it may sound lame , it was something that actually interested me (i used to love knitting back in the day).

As this is a very hand crafted event, with mainly very basic tools being used to knit and stitch i began to look into the aspect of handmade designs, as i thought this would be very appropriate for a crafts skill event.

After flicking through many ideas i decided to use a very traditional hand made print method for my poster by using a lino cut. I spent two extremely long days cutting and printing my lino block (i only cut myself once while doing it) i ended up with a very interesting results that had a professional look but also had a hand made quality about it. I then took my prints and brought them all into the computer and added hand made text to tie everything together. The end result can be seen below:

I decided to play on the idea of my poster having some sort of fantasy theme to it, almost dream like with a notion that if you attended this event you could create and make your dreams come true(cheesy i know). I also wanted my poster to be very eye catching to viewer, so i used very dramatic angles and shapes to create this effect. The bird was added to enhance the dream theme and also play on the idea that birds are very good at construction of nests, very much the same as weaving and stitching.


Whirlygig said...

this is actually super :) i love it.

Craig said...

thank you miss :)

Kara Sweenie said...

yeah i think this is really good :)