Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Night Of The Pencils

Well after a very long night and what has been a very (dare i say it) "emotional" past few weeks on my behalf, i have finally completed my last project of the year clocking in around 4:30 AM this morning.... And do i feel better?? Not particularly, staying awake all night trying to force myself to design never puts a smile on my face. Right now i am a mixture of nauseous pains combined with a slight light headed and dizzy sensation, all in all makes a tasty cocktail of only what i could describe as "FUCKED OFF!". Annnnnnnyway.. Here is a bit of a preview of how my art direction turned out:

All i have left to do is print, mount and then wait for my crit tomorrow.
I am really not that optimistic as i have no backup work whats so ever.... But only time will tell.

I best pull my finger out


have a video of some dancing French men....



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