Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Because Everyone has got their little tune

I know this is rather old news (well in terms of my course anyway) but i thought i would upload the Magazine spreads i did for my Editorial Design Brief earlier this month.
Basically we were asked to design a grid and then explore its use and effectiveness in laying out images, typographic display elements and text matter. We had complete freedom on subject matter, so i decided to take a risk and try something that was a little different to the stuff i normally churn out. So i had a look into the wonderful world of fashion, and After flicking through many photography books in my university i stumbled upon a truly fantastic Photographer named Norman Parkinson who's portrait photographs are truly breath taking. (i would advice anyone who is into fashion to check him out) Any who here are the final magazine spreads i created:

These look a little weird and warped after i re-sized them, and i should have really put a solid edge around the spreads as most of the white bleeds in the web page. But you get an idea of what i was trying to produce and the kinda look i was aiming for.
(and for those of you who don't know what's what) The first page is the front cover, the second is the contents and other two layouts are the splash page and turn page. Overall i was very please with the outcome and i got a 2:1 with 2 marks off a 1st. I may refine these in the future and correct one or two things for my final portfolio, but at the moment lets just say its a work in progress.

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