Friday, 24 October 2008

Some Kind of Video

Earlier this year i was playing around with the idea of making a short video or film just for fun. Sadly i never got around to making a full film, however over the summer months i experimented with some ideas for a short promotional video for my band. The whole concept was of a very mysterious and dramatic images that didn't necessarily link with the band, but yet had a whole creative aspect of its own. I was inspired by many different videos on, mainly videos of "people watching" and movement, when i stumbled on to this one video that really did take my breath away. I really loved how all the movement was sped up and how a sense of time was captured in the film, i must have had this repeating for days.

Here is my attempted at my own after being inspired by the previous:

The typeface i chose for the text at the beginning and end were completely wrong and not fitting with the film, but i did have a lot of fun playing around with my computers video editing software. Sadly not many people got to see this short video, and to be honest i am not really that proud of it. But you can see what kind of theme/idea i was working towards.



I love the feel of the images and how you have made an atmosphere with the black and white - maybe trying a different typeface would push this further - think about transitions - i know it is difficult working on the screen as what you aim for isn't always what you get.
May be worth collaborating with a media student to perfect it as this shows you are versatile!

Craig said...

Thank you for the feedback, i really appreciate it. I was thinking of maybe making myself a short film with a similar feel soon and maybe working with a Media student would be a good way to do this.